Solve challenging puzzles as a cube with a butt. Flip, push and fart your way through colorful levels as you rescue your adorable friends in need. Fart for freedom!

Play over 250 puzzles spread across a myriad of colorful worlds, constantly introducing surprising new mechanics to keep you delighted until the end. Our expert puzzle designers have been working hard to create each puzzle with the perfect mixture of challenge, fun and lightheartedness.

Meet and interact with cute and quirky characters as you rescue your friends with your magic winds*.
* Farts, they’re magic farts.

Get behind Billy’s behind, possibly the best one you’ve ever seen (on a cube) and watch him wiggle it to our super funky soundtrack you’ll bump up the volume for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual or a hardcore puzzler, Billy Bumbum has something for everyone! Did we mention it’s super cozy and family friendly? It totally is.

Billy Bumbum is available on Steam and will be launching on Nintendo Switch in the near future.

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