This cute puzzle game will kick your butt! Behind the sweet pastels of Billy Bumbum lie puzzles for the true thinky mind. Use seemingly simple mechanics in surprisingly deep and satisfying ways to rescue your friends in over 250 levels. Fart for Freedom!


  • Over 250 puzzles crafted by puzzle experts from the Thinky community
  • Seemingly simple yet surprisingly deep mechanics that interact in satisfying ways
  • An overworld map with branching paths to new worlds
  • Fully animated 2D cutscenes and tons of narrative to uncover.
  • The most solid soundtrack you’ll ever hear in a puzzle game. No joke.
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese and Korean localization


“A true staple of puzzle solving. Love a lighthearted brain buster!”
– Aliensrock (big shot puzzle games streamer)

“A really enjoyable game, lots of puzzles, always introducing new twists and turns.”
– Jan Willem Nijman (legendary indie developer)

“Excellent game. Honestly this is really really really good. Amazing puzzles.”
– Joseph “Joe Plays Puzzle Games” Mansfield (puzzle games streamer)

“The puzzles are incredible. They make me cry and think at the same time.”
– GIZA (variety streamer)

“Colourful characters and a banging soundtrack! Now that’s something that can really blow your enemies’ minds!”
– Thinky Games

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